I was tasked with designing a web platform from the ground up and had the challenge of creating a new story telling experience targeting both filmmakers and their audiences. It’s where audiences can watch films in a new way, follow, purchase, and discover new films and their creators. This involved establishing the overall look and feel, conceptualizing and designing features, branding, and digital marketing strategies (acquisition & retention). It started as a responsive web experience, but quickly expanded to mobile devices, media centers, and braving the new frontier of VR (coming soon).

The home page had the goal of capturing both audiences. It had to strike a balance between being a destination site for thousands of films, provide a home for their unique stories, as well as a service for filmmakers.

Strategic layering of content and messaging captures both user types: viewer and filmmaker. A/B testing was leveraged to dial in UX, maximizing conversions.

Reelhouse Full Home Page

Discovery features were built into the home page; encouraging users to explore and discover, establishing it as a destination site.

Reelhouse Menu

Easy access to content types

Reelhouse Playlists

Playlists help viewers discover curated content

Reelhouse Features

Reelhouse About Page